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Background introduction of blockchain live broadcast industry

There is a contradiction between revenue sharing platform and content creators

At present, the sharing system introduced by the platform is very strong and almost overbearing. More than 60% of the income of the anchors of the major live broadcast platforms is attributed to the platform. The anchors are very passive in the choice of live broadcast platform, the freedom of content configuration and the time of broadcast.

Anchor income leads to vicious competition of live content

According to relevant data, Yingke, Zanthoxylum and other platforms have made statistics on the top 10,000 anchors in the first half of the year, although they only accounted for 0.7% of the total number of anchors on the six major platforms and 68% of all anchors.

User value is being 「squeezed out」

The live streaming platform uses the accumulated traffic of users to place ads on users and earn advertising fees. In order to meet the demands of advertisers, the platform forced users to watch advertisements, but did not bring benefits to users.

Live broadcast ecological value platform based on blockchain technology

A completely open live broadcast ecological platform, Tang Seng Live broadcast uses anchors and audiences as core participants, builds a decentralized platform through blockchain technology, and uses fair value recognition and distribution mechanisms to enable participants to share benefits.

Technical characteristics of Tang Seng live broadcast

Tang Seng Live is the first distributed value video sharing platform in the form of blockchain + live broadcast in China. The anchor can easily and quickly acquire users and markets with high-quality content. Block chain technology provides a new engine for live broadcast practitioners.

Commercial Features of Tang Seng Live Broadcast

Tang Seng live broadcast is based on the principle of direct value exchange between anchor and audience. Through the establishment of self-organized collaboration and value moat, the two-way drainage and two-way conversion mechanism of short video and live broadcast brings a new system of unprecedented rights and interests exchange.

Blockchain + live broadcast advantage

Establish a new value distribution method:

The Tang Seng live broadcast platform uses the fund feedback multiplier effect and multi-dimensional mining mechanism to enable each user to experience real-time consumer rights dividends and gradually return the business value created by the user to each user.

Create a future equity exchange system:

The Tang Seng Live Broadcasting Platform has created an unprecedented new system for the exchange of rights and interests for platform users by establishing self-organized collaboration and a moat of value, with a two-way drainage and two-way conversion mechanism of short video and live broadcasting.

Reconstruct the core form of the live broadcast industry:

The Tang Seng live broadcast platform will use blockchain technology to reconstruct the user ecology in the live broadcast field, form a new system around the core values of the platform, and reform the “live broadcast triple paradox” of economic theory, algorithm innovation, and value distribution.

Technical Framework

Tang Seng live broadcast platform technical architecture

The technical architecture of the Tang Seng Live Broadcasting Platform mainly includes three layers: the public chain at the bottom of the Tang Seng Live Broadcasting Platform, the technical ecology of the live broadcast platform, and the ecological entrance USERS LAYER. Among them, the underlying public chain of the Tang Seng live broadcast platform and the technical ecology of the live broadcast platform are the blockchain implementation part of the Tang Seng live broadcast platform, and the ecological entrance USERS LAYER is the front-end implementation part of the account system used to process users or anchors.

In the underlying public chain of the Tang Seng live broadcast platform, the ledger service and account model are the two parts with the highest priority. Through the Turing complete programming language, the compiler and bytecode virtual machine are used to do the live broadcast in the blockchain. Targeted design and optimization, support static compilation into bytecode and execute on demand in the blockchain network.

In an active blockchain network, contracts are called very frequently to ensure that contracts can run stably and efficiently. The underlying public chain of the Tang Seng live broadcast platform has two design principles: one is to shorten the process startup and shutdown time as much as possible; the other is that any operation is performed at different times on different nodes, and the result of each call must be consistent.

In addition to the platform's own programming language, it will also support the writing of high-level languages such as C #, Java, solidity (Ethereum's contract editing language), so that developers of different platforms can participate to jointly accelerate the industry of blockchain live broadcast. prosperity.

Ledger service and account model

In the blockchain network, the account address is a solution designed for secure exchange.The account, public key, and private key generation process has the following relationship: private key-> public key-> account address, all three use The Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA for short) can ensure sufficient security. Hashing is the refinement of information, and its output is usually much smaller than the input and has a fixed length. With the current technical means, a hash with strong encryption must be irreversible. That is, the user's private key information cannot be derived from the user's account address.

The users and anchors in the Tang Seng live broadcast platform, as well as the early Staking asset management party that was served by the platform, involved a great deal of capital flow management. The account model, the specific generation process of private key, public key, and account are shown in the left figure.

According to the byte length of the account address, it can be divided into two types of accounts, main account and sub-account. The length of the main account is 35 ~ 36 characters, and the length of the sub account is 67 ~ 68 characters. The sub-account is generated by adding 32 random characters after the main account. As long as the first 35-36 characters of the sub-account are exactly the same, they can all be considered to belong to the same main account. Such an account structure can expand its trading performance. That is, sub-accounts belonging to the same master account can be traded in parallel within the same time period without worrying about the "double spend" problem. In addition, the design of sub-accounts can save account overhead and management. This design is mainly used for the establishment and distribution of account for asset management.

Time Schedule

December 2020

Tang Seng Live Decentralized App Store

Tang Seng live broadcast API

Tang Seng live broadcast public chain system research and development

September 2020

Decentralized account database Beta version development completed

Distributed storage and index development

Decentralized account database RC version development completed

June 2020

Decentralized account database

Alpha version development completed

Tang Seng live broadcast public chain system research and development

May 2020

Start KYC development

Start Decentralized account database development

Start the development of Tang Seng Live Wallet

Security Auditing

April 2020

Tang Seng live broadcast white paper released

Blockchain application development starts and goes live

Go online and apply the mining mechanism

Tang Seng live broadcast business partner ecosystem continued access

January 2020

White paper framework and model verification

Establishment of mathematical model

October 2019

Team formation and project establishment

Market research and industry research

TangSeng Live Platform White Paper

Tang Seng Live Broadcasting Mission: Reconstruct the core values surrounding the live broadcast platform and establish a more just rights distribution system
Tang Seng Live Broadcasting Vision: To establish a future distributed live broadcast ecosy

white paper